We would like to inform you that now you can easily download all required legal forms for IP matters in Thailand with us from our website www.lewmanomont.com as follows;

Forms for downloading
  1. Power of Attorney for Trademark (TMPOA022002)
  2. Power of Attorney for Patent (PTPOA2002)
  3. Deed Of Assignment for Trademark (TMDOA2002)
  4. Deed Of Assignment for Patent/Design (PTDOA2002)
  5. Info Sheet for Trademark (TMIFS2002)
  6. Info sheet for Patent (PTIFS2002)
  7. Statement of Applicant’s Right to Apply For a Patent (PTSOA) for applicant who is also inventor.
  8. Required documents for TM
  9. Required documents for Renewal TM
  10. Required document for Patent
  11. Required documents for Design

*REMARKS: For Power of Attorney, it requires notarization by a notary public. A notarized power of attorney can be used for several mark applications of the same proprietor. For Deed of Assignment, According to the Trademark Act, the assignment must have both signatures of assignor and assignee. Also it must be notarized by notary public for both signatures.( for Patent, it does not required to be notarized by notary public, however we advise you to do it. Since sometime the Patent officer may ask for it later on.

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